Thursday, 29 October 2015

Baby Captain America

Color Filling Technique

So, This is Something new and really interesting method of coloring any drawing. This method takes lot of time to color the drawing as there are many small designs which should be drawn accurately. But, when it is completed, it looks really Amazing. So, what I have basically done is, filled this drawing with Mehndi Designs Pattern. 

Draw any Character or Drawing with pencil.
Make outline with any Fine point Black Marker. [Here, I have used Steadtlier Marker]
Erase all pencil lines.

Start filling designs with suitable colors in respective areas, use any fine point pens. [Here, I have used Stabilo point 88 pens (0.4)].
Keep the design simple and keep repeating the same designs leaving gaps between two similar designs [here, I have used Mehndi Designs, but you can also fill any other Design of your choice, as this techinique works with all type of patterns].

Keep repeating the Procedure and when you complete your Drawing it will look something like this.
Isn't it Amazing? So grab you colors and start making some amazing Drawing with this new coloring Technique.

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